Thursday, May 16, 2013

Help with TypeR

I had received some feedback a while ago that people didn't know what to do when they came to TypeR. Was this just a template for a keyboard?
Well, that's not good! I need to keep my users on the page!

My solution: tell people what to do.
As you can see in the image above, there are six tabs, each with different content. None of them are too long.

Now, someone new to TypeR, or wondering how to do something (like, add vowels, or the ₪ sign), can just look up at the top to find out.
An if they don't feel like seeing it anymore, just click the active (green) tab to collapse it.

Just as important is the SEO. I needed more explanation in the page itself on what TypeR is. I know that i at least will walk away from a page if it's only a doc page, usually.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

TypeR 1.2 Mothers' Day release

Here's a Mothers' Day gift for my mom, who's pretty much the only person using TypeR regularly... >_>
The release of TypeR 1.2!

TypeR 1.2 has several exciting new features. These include: help on the program (incomplete), an insert menu, an updated toolbar, and settings, where you can choose the direction, size, alignment, and whether you see the user interface in English or Hebrew!

Also, TypeR Mini, on the homepage, now will keep your text when you "expand to the full version". This was an update with 1.2.


Coming soon: new translations (should improve loading speed); and a quick how-to guide for people new to the program (i received feedback that it would be useful).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Release this Sunday

I meant to release a few weeks ago, but then discovered a large bug or two. I gave it a little more time, but now i'm ready to release!

TypeR 1.2 will become the default version on Sunday, May 12th. You can read a list of what's new here.

One of the features, user interface translation, will continue to be updated even after the release with better translations. Currently, not everything is translated natively. Whatever i didn't provide a translation for, it looks up on Google Translate.

Well, enjoy the new and improved TypeR!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Search for nouns with Facebook accounts!

I don't use Facebook myself. However, my mother does. So today i decided to plant a harmless little userscript on her computer. AFAIK this will only work if you have FB's new layout.
"Type to search for people, places, and things" is rather boring, isn't it? And, doesn't everyone learn in basic English that a noun is a person, place, or thing? So what they're trying to say is: "Search for nouns with Facebook accounts". AMIRIGHT?

Go here to install it! Click the green install button in the top right.

Note: If you have Chrome, you need to do nothing before this. If you have Firefox, first install the GreaseMonkey addon (don't worry, it's safe). If you have Safari, read this. If you have IE, it might be time to switch. Try Googling around if your browser isn't mentioned.

Don't forget to share this, so everyone can enjoy their nouns with Facebook accounts! :D

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LEGO creation

OK, this isn't really about TypeINT, but it's something cool i recently did, so i'll post it here anyways. :)

While i don't still play with LEGOs, i do enjoy building with them. So in the past week, i designed and built a pirate ship!
OK fine. My brother suggested the ship, flag (he built it), captain's cabin, and figurehead, and some more.
Here are pictures:
Bow and starboard view

Bow view. You can see the lion figurehead (don't ask), some guns, the plank, some sails, and the lookout tower

The captain. He is flanked by two rockets/guns (whichever you prefer).

The lookout man. He has a small rocket/gun. You can see the skull and crossbones flag (not the best :P).

The "torture chamber". It is concealed inside of another chamber, above which is the lookout tower.

Inside the torture chamber. He's having a rough time, isn't he?

Belowdecks. You can see the person rowing, the tied up prisoner, and the captain's cabin.

Rowing. Isn't it cool how the oar sticks out through the bottom?

Captain's cabin. He's in his bed. There's also a desk in there.

Did you see the interesting part of the wall in the photo above, that looks like a single straight line? That's the entrance to the secret chamber, shown here. There's a treasure chest inside.

The treasure chest has jewels inside. You can see the removable wall on the desk. This picture was actually snapped before i was ready, but it came out OK.

I guess these pirates don't like the guy without an arm. He's walking the plank!

The rear of the ship. See the ladder? The green tower thingy contains the torture chamber.

Port view.

Looking at the bow from the bottom.

It's pretty nice, isn't it? :D

Saturday, April 13, 2013

TypeR 1.2 is done, one more week of beta testing until release

I have finished everything on my checklist for TypeR 1.2. It's been in beta for a little while, but even so, i added translating the interface (via the settings menu), and also a progressbar while TypeR was loading.
So, please use 1.2 for all of your Hebrew typing needs, and let me know how you feel about the new interface and features!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New documentation

I've been working on redoing the site's documentation. Previously, there had been 3 pages: a list of languages, information on English, and Hebrew. Now, i added a lot more documentation about TypeR, with some about other stuff (crit, the site as a whole) to come later. The TypeR documentation isn't complete, but it's much better than what had been there.
You can view the new documentation at